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QUESTION: Why Cleanscore?

ANSWER: 90% of businesses that look clean by visual assessments are found to contain microbial contamination.

Now more than ever, you can’t afford uncertainty.

Use cleanscore to instantly evaluate the efficacy of your cleaning staff, protocols, products and equipment. Prevention is key to help control cross-contamination, costs and brand reputation. See results. Make evidence-based decisions. Improve outcomes.

Cleaning was once considered just another expense on the balance books. Now? Deep cleaning, disinfection, and keeping your facility free of viruses, bacteria, and other pathogens is a critical investment in your business. Yet how do you know if your “clean” surface is truly disinfected? How can you be sure you’re keeping staff and patrons as safe as possible? And how can you not just re-open, but stay open, avoiding liability? 

Cleanscore removes the guesswork by applying data-driven methods to measure the success of your staff, protocols, products, and equipment in safeguarding your people and patrons.

Cleanscore will help you measure gaps, flag risks, and prioritize quick changes that can increase the operational safety of your business. We’ll assess your cleaning standards and protocols, test virus and bacteria levels in your environment, calculate your Cleanscore, and create a customized disinfection plan with success metrics based on your results. 

Then we’ll provide everything you need to achieve your goals and improve your Cleanscore  and connect you with Cleanscore-certified vendors. Only Cleanscore offers real-time testing through certified partner companies, using state of the art equipment like ATP tests.  

Cleanscore, a Gravywork company, has proudly served the Washington D.C. Metro hospitality industry in excellence for 15 years. 

What’s your Cleanscore? Find out and get your cleanscore for FREE.

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